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1 What is Integrative Counseling?

Integrative Counseling takes a holistic approach to therapy, addressing physiology as well as psychology and spirituality. As a whole being, when one aspect of our selves is unbalanced the others are as well: what affects one affects the whole. Integrative Counseling provides more balanced and longer-lasting results, leaving you happier, freer, and living a more fulfilling life than ever before.

Integrative Counseling is Effective For:

  • Physical symptoms
  • Cognitive/emotional disorders
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Spiritual alignment
  • Connection between body and mind
  • Finding your true path
  • Raising motivation and focus
  • Strengthening relationship with yourself and others
  • Breaking through destructive patterns
  • Social anxiety
  • Reach your full potential
  • Release trauma
  • Distance or in-person
  • Chronic pain

2 How Does Integrative Counseling Work

Whereas traditional therapies focus on just one area – the physical or the mental – Integrative Counseling seeks to find what imbalances exist in all areas, bringing them together for a whole-person healing. This is attained through any combination of therapy, Somatic Touch, and spiritual counseling. Every person is different, and Bianca will work with you to discover your goals and the most effective methods for your treatment.


3 What to Expect

Many of us feel a disconnect between our brains and our physical bodies, and Integrative Counseling repairs that to establish harmony between all your systems. You will feel better emotionally, more comfortable socially, and you may find that you even move more smoothly. Confidence will grow, you will be able to focus more and enjoy life more fully. Physical pain will lessen, and you will feel more at home in your surroundings.


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Mental & Intellectual

From mood disorders to ADHD, Integrative Counseling can help settle and clear your mind, find the causes of unhealthy patterns, and reveal the purpose in your life. Blending Somatic Touch and talk therapy, Bianca can help you break free of limiting thoughts and behaviors and live your best life.

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Trauma and grief can hold us back from moving forward and fully living. With Integrative Counseling, you can finally find the roots of your emotional distress and repair these, giving you the chance for clear emotional regulation and happier thoughts and feelings.

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Social anxiety and insecurities plague many of us. Working with both the physiological aspects and the cognitive ones, Bianca can bring you a level of connectedness first with yourself and then transfer that to increase comfort out in the world.

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From chronic pain to digestive distress to poor immune health, when one aspect of our bodies is off it has the power to affect our entire life. Combining Somatic Experiencing with counseling lets you heal your body as you also heal the emotional struggles that accompany physical afflictions.

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If you strive to find a connection to your higher power/universe, Bianca can guide you to your true spiritual path. This is non-religious, and your personal beliefs will be honored. Break free of dogma and guilt you may have been carrying and find spiritual freedom and purpose.

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When the time comes for a ceremony or a celebration of a rite of passage in your life, Bianca is an ordained minister with an open, non-denominational approach to creating and carrying out weddings, baby blessings, and more.

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