1 What is Equine Therapy for Healing Trauma

With equine-assisted trauma therapy, a horse is present during sessions to act as a co-counselor, an emotional mirror that lets one see deeper into themself to add a level of understanding within. This facilitates a more intense uncovery of the underlying physiological and emotional effects of trauma than typical therapy alone for a profound process of release and healing.

Equine Trauma Therapy Offers:

  • Brings awareness to feelings that you may not realize exist
  • Experience kindness, acceptance, and patience
  • Access memories that have been deeply buried
  • Develop a close relationship with your horse, which can transfer to other human relationships
  • Instills a sense of confidence and responsibility
  • Know that you are safe to open up, both with yourself and the therapist

We are not currently enrolling new clients in this equine therapy.
To be notified when this therapy reopens please Contact Us and indicate your desire and therapy most interested in.

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1 How it Works

During your equine therapy session, you and Bianca will spend time with horses, grooming and feeding them, or gently leading your horses around while talking. If you have never spent time with horses, you may take it slowly and begin experiencing equine magic little by little.


2 What to Expect

When first working with horses, it can be surprising and exciting to see how very astute they are - and just how clearly they communicate with you. The horse is there to facilitate your counseling and will let you know when they see something beyond the words you say.

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3 Is Equine Trauma Therapy for You

Trauma comes from many different experiences. Abuse, assault, neglect, medical issues, war - all of these can be traumatic, and without dealing with it this trauma can get in the way of living a happy and comfortable life. Equine-assisted therapy can bring the healing to a deeper, longer-lasting level.

4 Book a Session

If you have any questions on how equine therapy works for healing trauma or if this method is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bianca. You can also use the Book a Session page to schedule your treatment today.

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Equine-Assisted Sessions for Healing Trauma
60-Minute Introductory Assessment

90-Minute Session

120-Minute Session