1 What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga is as much an internal, meditative ritual as it is a great way to exercise your physical body. As you move through the poses as guided by the instructor, you will also be led down a path of healing and inner work while lengthening and stretching and toning your muscles and tendons. These yoga therapy classes may be as a group or private sessions, indoor or outdoor, depending on your comfort level and personal needs.

What Yoga Therapy Offers:

  • A gentle way to shape your body
  • A deeper understanding of your own form
  • Pain reduction and weight loss
  • Emotional and physical release
  • Indoor or outdoor classes
  • Group or private sessions

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1 How it Works

Depending on your flexibility, previous injuries, and other needs, a yoga instructor will guide you through a series of poses (called asanas) that were designed in India thousands of years ago as a sacred ritual. You will hold the poses for a certain amount of time to allow you to feel your body and calm your mind, ultimately lengthening your muscles, toning your body, and attaining a sense of inner peace.


2 What to Expect

The first time you do yoga, you may experience a bit of soreness. This can be a good thing and shows that you are working muscles and tendons that had previously been underused. You may feel either sleepy or energized; this, again, shows that change has occurred and is a positive outcome. Over time, all of these things will level out and you will feel calm and in shape after and in between sessions.

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3 Is Yoga for You

If you are struggling with your weight, experience muscle tightness, feel out of alignment, or want a more toned and better working body, yoga is for you. On the emotional side, if you feel stressed, anxious, depressed, uncomfortable, ungrounded, or in need of centering, yoga can be the magic cure..

4 Book a Session

If you have any questions on how Yoga Therapy works or if a private or group/indoor or outdoor session is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bianca. You can also use the Book a Session page to schedule your class today.

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Private Yoga Therapy Instruction
for single or groups beginning at $150 for single